Welcome to the Pokemon Multiverse Wiki

Welcome to the Pokemon Multiverse Wiki, a wiki for the reddit based RP of Pokemon. Here you will learn how to create your new character, read about going on missions or how to equip and develop your character. The RP is located here.

You are free to use the Wiki Navigation to go to the Guild and Area pages, or you may use this page

Getting Started

You can learn how to create your character and how to develope it here. You start here if you're new.

You can learn the plot so far here.

Guild Pages

These are the different Guild's that you may join:
Battalion Guild
Advantage Guild
Sheer Heroism Guild
Synthesis Guild
Cordiality Guild

Area Pages

These are the different Area's that you may live in:
Hailpoint City
Far Shores
The Trenches
Fort Rocks
The Midpoint
Densum Forest
Pluviae Forest
Luxemburg Power Plant
City in the Sky
Mt. Fieren
Umbra City

Latest activity

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